How guests can help

We do not want to impose activities that will get in the way of our guests’ enjoying Henge Estate. However, we encourage our guests to be conscientious when it comes to conserving electricity and water, recycling and reducing plastics and waste.

If you subscribe to our sustainable approach, at home and while a guest at Henge Estate, you can:

  • strictly follow the local recycling rules
  • turn off lights in a room when you are the last to leave it
  • don’t leave taps running especially hot water
  • keep showers to less than 5 minutes
  • put superfluous, unused towels and pillows in your wardrobe
  • only run the dishwashers and washing machines when full
  • hang washing out instead of using the clothes driers
  • when central heating is on:
    • turn off heating when you go to bed (timers are set to do this)
    • draw curtains/blinds at dusk throughout the house
    • keep doors and windows closed except for daily ventilation